Why people should buy an EV home charging station

mrcartool s310 ev home charging station

When you thought that electric cars were the epitome of technological perfection, EV home charger came in. An Electric Vehicle (EV) home charging station allows you to charge your electric car from the comfort of your home.

If you already own an electric car, the public charging stations must have emptied your pocket by now. Plus, the hassle of driving your vehicle to a charging station kills the purpose of having an electric car to provide you with ease.

Here, an EV home charging station comes to the rescue. It has numerous benefits, and according to experts, it is a wise investment if you own an EV or are about to buy one.

public ev charging station

Is an EV home charging station worth the hype?

Let the advantages of the EV home charging station over the conventional charging station decide.

  • Cost efficiency

An EV home charging station is a one-time, long-term investment which benefits you in the long run. The only cost you have is for the charging station and its installament. Then it’s an automatic game.

EV home charging station is just another appliance in your house, like your refrigerator and washing machine. It will get its energy from a similar source as other appliances.

Like you pay your electricity bill for all appliances running in your house, the EV charging station will add its small share to that. That won’t be too much of a cost, of course, as the whole point of this charging station is to save you cost.

The cost of the charging unit itself varies depending on the level of the unit. EV home charging stations are classified based on charger into three levels, i.e. 1, 2, and 3. The cost roughly ranges between $300 to $2000.

As for installation charges, you have to keep a sum aside of almost $800 to $1000. That might seem a bit high to you, but the entire cost you spend on the unit will pay for itself over time. You will save quite a sum per month by only cutting off the trips to charging stations.

  • Convenience

A home-based charging station saves you a lot of hassle. You must know that an average charging station takes almost 3 to 6 hours to charge a car. Of course, this depends on the charger used by the station.

Mostly you have to get into a queue and wait for your turn, which adds to the total time. So, if the charging station has an alternative that saves time, money, and effort, you should go for it.

EV home charging station is all about ease and comfort. When you reach home all tired from work, what do you want; get in the queue to charge your car or sleep? Of course, the latter. So, do yourself a favour and buy the home charging station.

  • Sustainability

The modern era is all about sustainable options. People are more concerned than ever about their carbon footprint. Some are even paying to reduce their carbon footprint. In this regard, even the smallest of the efforts have a considerable impact.  

We all know that the use of the car is inevitable. We can not cut off its usage but can reduce it. An EV home charging station helps you with that as you do not have to drive to a charging station. It is a small effort but goes a long way.  

  • Modern solution

We all know that modern problems require modern solutions. An EV is not an average car meant to be taken to a filling station every alternate day to survive. There is more potential for an EV if you know the right way to charge it.

  • Safety

Public charging stations are not as safe as your home. Yes, homes also have potential threats such as roaming kids. But if you install your home charging station at a secure place such as your garage, you are good to go.

You don’t have to worry about any safety concerns if your EV home charging station is installed by a certified professional. They do a detailed examination of wiring at your house and then install the system.

Another crucial factor in ensuring your safety is the built home charging station you buy. MrCarTool EV home charging station is the safest bet in this regard.

Bonus points of MrCarTool EV home charging station

Not all EV charging stations in the market are the same. Some have a secure build, some have excellent charging options, while some have a convenient design. All these properties are very critical in an EV home charging station.

However, it isn’t easy to find them all in one product. But there is one such product which gets a check in all crucial properties of a home charging station. And that is the MrCarTool S310 EV home charger.

Apart from general ones, it has several other advantages over its competitors, which include:

· Smart charging

· Waterproof body

· Two types of chargers

· Long cable

· Suitable for all models of EV

· Economical rate

Bottom line

why did you invest in an EV? Most probably because it’s a convenient option. Others might consider it an economical investment, considering the hiking fuel prices. So, what is the point of an EV if you are not benefitting from its two significant advantages?

Where is the convenience of buying an EV when you have to drive to the station to get it charged? That’s the same routine you had with your previous car. Now you know why you don’t get to see the long-term price economy with an EV. That is because you are spending that money on charging stations.

So, what is the solution? An EV home charging station undoubtedly. If you are still buying an EV, don’t buy it without an EV home charging station. Once you have the home charging option from the first day of your EV journey, you will vividly see the benefits promised by EV.

5 thoughts on “Why people should buy an EV home charging station

  1. Liam Richardson says:

    Just bought the S310 EV Charger and was wondering if the main power supply can cone from the rear of the box/Backing plate to keep the installation tidy? Also does anyone have the PDF download for the Manual? Ive looked online but to no avail?

  2. Matt says:

    I have the S310 – it mentions two modes of charging, “method 1” that just requires you to plug in the car? I don’t want to use the swipe card – how can I set this up so I can just plug in the car without using the swipe card?

  3. dashackleton says:

    Hi I have a S310 but can’t find a user manual or a installers manual to explain how to switch the unit between direct charging and charging using the card

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