MRCARTOOL S310 EV Home Charger Wallbox 32A 7KW Level 2 Charging Pile Wall Mount For EV

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S310 EV Home Charger Introduction:

MRCARTOOL S310 EV Home Charger is your reliable partner for the fast charging of electric vehicles. With built-in overcurrent and leakage current protection, it can be installed as a stand-alone unit to ensure your safety. You can install it in your garage or anywhere in your home.

mrcartool S310 ev home charger

Technical Parameters:

Input Voltage: EU 220V / US 110V
Input Frequency: EU 50Hz / US 60Hz
Maximum Power: 7 KW
Output Voltage: EU 220V / US 110V
Output Current: 32A
Standby Power Consumption: 6W
Applicable Scene: Indoor/Outdoor
Working Temperature: -30℃ ~ +55℃
Working Humidity: 5% ~ 95% without condensation
Working Altitude: <2000m
Protection Level: IP65
Cooling Method: Natural cooling
Standards Compliant: SAE_J1772; IEC_61851-1
MTBF: 8760hours

S310 EV Home Charger Specifications:

Shell Material: Galvanized steel body, Tempered glass panel
Dimension: 180 x 80 x 240 mm
Weight: <7kg
Cable length: 8.5m
Indicator Light: Blue, green, purple and red
Installation Methods: Wall-mount \ Column installation

s310 ev home charger details

Product Features:

The S310 EV home charger uses standard SAE_J1772 and IEC_61851-1 charging protocol, so it works well with all electric cars.
Its 32A level 2 EV charger can charge your car up to 2X faster than the 16A level 2 EV charger. It is 4X more quickly than the 16A level 1 EV charger that most electric vehicles come with. Normally, it will take 7-12 hours for a full charge. (The actual working current depends on your vehicle setting)

◆Safety Protection:

1. Overvoltage protection
2. Under voltage protection
3. Overload protection
4. Short circuit protection
5. Earth leakage protection
6. Grounding protection
7. Over temperature protection
8. Low temperature protection
9. Lightning protection

safety protection

◆Fast Charging:

The vehicle can be fully charged in 7 hours on average, and it can last 45km for average charging per hour.

fast charging

◆Smart Swipe Charging:

Plug and play charging, swiping card charging, and a variety of start-up methods are adjustable.
Note: it will stop automatically when fully charged

smart swipe charging


It normally works even on rainy days and can be applied to various scenes.


◆Two types of chargers:

EU Standard 220V /US Standard US 110V
Please select the right EV home charger according to your car model before purchasing.

two types of chargers

◆LED Indicator Light:

Blue, green, purple and red

led indicator


This cable features strong and durable, and which length is perfectly suitable for all kinds of parking lots(garages), especially for home use.

28ft cable length


S310 EV home charger is suitable for all EV Charging Electric Vehicles

suitable for all ev modelsev brands

How to install S310 EV Home Charger:

1. Positioning holes according to the size of the wall-mounted backplane, then punching holes of 4-φ6*35mm and inserting expansion tubes.
2. Lock the 4-M4*32 self-tapping screws into the expansion tube, and fix the wall-mounted backboard on the wall.
3. Open the upper cover of the charging pile, hang the pile on the wall-mounted backboard, and lock the screws from the bottom of the
4. Pass the power cable of 3*6mm through the corresponding waterproof head and connect it to the corresponding input terminal.
Lock the screws of the upper cover panel.

Operation of S310 EV Home Charger:

1. Insert the EV charging station (connect the charging plug)
2. Start charging:
Method 1: Plug the charger and start charging;
Method 2: Use the designated charging card to swipe.
The green light flashes: indicating regular charging.
Swipe the card again to end charging.
Method 1: Pull out the charger to end
the charging;
Method 2: Swipe the card again to end the charging
Put the EV charging station back in its place

Product Details:

s310 ev home charger detailss310 ev home charger fronts310 ev home charger show


1. For the first installation, attention should be paid to the power cable according to IN-L (fire), IN-N (zero), and PE (ground) one by one, and the fire wire and zero wire cannot be reversed.
2. PE (ground wire) needs to be grounded reliably.
3. Ensure the emergency stop switch is activated after power is on.
4. Before charging, make sure that the tip of the EV charger is free
from stains and water;
5. It is prohibited to place the charging pile inside the car when charging.

Packaging List:

1pc: MRCARTOOL S310 AC Charging Stations (Piles) Main unit
1pc: EV charger
1pc: Wall-mounted backboard
1pc: Hook
1 set: Srews &Plastic tubes
1pc: User manual
1pc: Package box

packing list of s310 ev home charger
overseas warehousewarranty and serviceshopping guide
Weight 7.5 kg

Poland, Germany, Russian Federation, Spain, United States, France, China




Brand Name: MR CARTOOL

Origin: CN(Origin)

Item Weight: 7.5KG

Item Length: 180mm

Special Features: Electric Car EV Charging

Item Width: 80 mm

Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Item Height: 240 mm

Material Type: Galvanized steel body, Tempered glass panel

Item Name: EV Charger Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Product Size: 180 x 80 x 240 mm

Input Voltage: EU 220V / US 110V

Cable length: 8.5m

Installation Methods: Wall-mount Column installation

Output Current: 32A

Standby Power Consumption: 6W

Applicable Scene: Indoor/outdoor

Working Humidity: 5% ~ 95% without condensation

Working Altitude: <2000m

Protection Level: IP65

MTBF: 8760hours

Indicator Light: Blue, green, purple and red

Application: For All EV Car Models

Suitable: For Audi ,BWM ,MINI ,Cooper Smart,Tesla

Features: Waterproof,Safety Protection,Smart Charging

Standards Compliant: J1772,61851-1



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard Atkinson
Excellent Charger

This charger was easy to install. The short length of cable supplied for the incoming supply was easily removed and the armoured cable fitted into the existing gland. I had to purchase some ring crimps for the armoured cable to connect to the circuit board and you need to take care not to overtighten and damage the board.
The charging lead is longer than supplied with other makes of charger and makes the choice of location for the charger easier as it will reach any position on the car. The hook for hanging this long cable is a nice touch and allows the cable to be kept tidy. The socket for parking the plug keeps the plug clean and undamaged.
I was worried that delayed charging on the car might be a problem but it turned out that it all worked perfectly. My car was set to charge overnight but once plugged in and the charge card swiped, the car flashed its charging light to show delayed charge and when the charge time came it started charging without further input.
The indicator light on the front of the charger could be brighter. I find that I need to cup my hand round the light to see it but as most cars have their own indications this should not be a problem.
The manual is fine for installation but is poor for operation. For example, it gives two methods to start charging (with and without the charge card) but gives no explanation of how to set it. That said, a quick email to the manufacturer and they sent video showing how. They should probably add this to their Web site.
Overall build is good considering the excellent price, not the strongest inside but if you are careful with installation this is not a problem.
As long as your car has programmable charging routine built in this charger should cope with all your requirements. If you need the charger to set the charge time or communicate with your electric supplier then you need a more intelligent (expensive) charger.

Delores Hilpert

Leave 5 stars for engagement that put the seller, always ready to answer every question and always polite and efficient. The product is to be tested but I am sure it will meet expectations, looks well made and appearance communicates fastness and care in construction. The wire length is 8 MT about and this is very important. Hope to do more business with you

Darion Schmitt

Fast delivery product conforms to the DESCRIPTION,

Karelle Morissette

Article received very quickly, as described on the site. I recommend

Yasmeen Krajcik

Super seller very serious

Change Charging Mode

How To Change The S310 Charging Mode

As you can see in the video, there are three pins on the board. The connector connects to the bottom two pins. The charging mode can be changed by unplugging the connector and connecting it to the top two pins.

Scheduled charging

If your car can be charged by appointment, please cooperate with the charging pile and try the following steps:

1. Set the scheduled charging time period on the tram (don’t insert the gun).

2. Insert the gun after setting the time.

3. Swipe the card to start charging or plug and play to start charging.

4. Check whether the charging current fluctuates within the range of 1~2A, and if it is within the range, it means that the scheduled charging is successful.



1. If the charging current exceeds 5A, scheduled charging fails.

2. Do not draw the gun in the middle.

3. Swipe the card to start charging or plug and play to start charging.

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