MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger Wall Connector


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MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger: a EV Charging Station, not only with high-end functions such as intelligent APP control, dual waterproof system, Bluetooth remote control, but also with charging protection, all-round protection of your charging safety. In addition, it supports charging reservation and current status adjustment, easily adapting to a variety of models.

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The main picture of the MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger describes the features related to its reservation, APP control, waterproof function, swipe card charging, and safety features

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MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger Features

  • APP control: adjustable charging time, current, switch, status
  • Screen display of charging status: real-time display of charging status.
  • Dual waterproof system: charging head has IP55 waterproof grade, charging post has IP65 waterproof grade.
  • Bluetooth control: Bluetooth can be used to realize remote control of the charging post.
  • Charging protection: eight charging protection functions to ensure safety.
  • Reservation charging mode: avoid peak charging, reduce charging cost.
  • Adjustable current status: applicable to many brands of car models.
  • Low standby power consumption: standby power consumption less than 2W, energy saving
  • Fast charging: full charge in just 7 hours on average

The MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger has APP-controlled features, including time setting, current adjustment, on/offThe MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger has a screen that displays charging data, including charging time, status, temperature and more!MRCARTOOL S311 has good waterproof performance, the charging post has IP65 waterproof rating, the charging head has IP55 waterproof rating.The MRCARTOOL S311 has a Bluetooth remote control function, which can be controlled by connecting your cell phone via Bluetooth. MRCARTOOL S311 with eight charging protection features MRCARTOOL S311 has a safe and secure design and can stop charging at the touch of a button. The MRCARTOOL S311 has three charging options.MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger with Reservation Charging Function The MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger has a function to regulate the charging current from 10A to 32A.The MRCARTOOL S311 Electric Vehicle Charger is a fast charging station that supports up to 7kW. MRCARTOOL S311 supports 6 languages including Chinese, English, German and more! MRCARTOOL S311 charging cable is 26FT in length and TUV certified. MRCARTOOL S311 adapts to many different brands of vehicles.

Packing ListThe package for the MRCARTOOL S311 contains installation tools and instructions and cards as well as machine

Installation Precautions

MRCARTOOL S311 Wall Connector must be installed by individuals who have been trained and are qualified to work with electrical systems.

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