How to choose a right home ev charging station?

Pure EV owners are prone to have mileage anxiety, public fast charging piles are efficient, but their charging costs are also high and costly in terms of time spent by the owner. Electric vehicle charging stations generally provide two charging methods: regular charging and fast charging. People can use specific charging cards to swipe the cards on the man-machine interface provided by the charging piles to carry out corresponding operations such as charging methods, charging time, cost data printing, etc. The charging station display can show charging volume, cost, charging time and other data.
Now many people are starting to purchase new energy vehicles, and many other new energy vehicle owners are starting to install home EV charging station as an option.
In contrast, home charging station is a good choice for both money and time costs, and I believe no EV owner will refuse to install home charging stations if they have the conditions.
So how to choose your own suitable home EV charging station?

Usage requirements of charging station

If it is a personal installation of charging piles, it is recommended to use AC charging station, the maximum charging power of AC charging station can reach 7KW, the average full charge takes 6-10 hours, after returning home from work, directly park the electric car, charge it and then use it the next day with confidence.

Installation of charging station

DC charging station are more expensive to install and the wiring is even more expensive than the cost of the equipment. AC charging station can be used when they are connected to 220V power supply. The maximum charging power of AC charging pile is 7KW, and the charging power of DC charging station is generally 60KW to 80KW, and the input current of single gun can reach 150A – 200A, which is a huge test for the power supply line

harging speed of charging station

The faster the charging speed the better, if you use a DC charging station, charging will take at most about 1 hour to complete, if you use an AC charging station, it may take 6 – 10 hours to complete charging, if you encounter an urgent need to use the car, this charging method will not be convenient enough.
All things considered, the choice of charging station should be based on the actual situation, the choice of AC charging station will be more appropriate for your own home.

Charging station recommendation

If you are looking for a suitable home EV charging station, you can take a look at the MRCARTOOL S310, a wall-mounted charging station that can be installed anywhere in your garage or home. The charger uses the standard SAE_J1772 and IEC_61851-1 charging protocols for purely electric vehicles. Gives you 9 layers of protection, it can work properly even in rainy days. Watch the video below to learn more about the MRCARTOOL S310:

If you like electric cars, buying a home charging station can definitely give you a better experience.

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