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ev charging station

Do you skip taking your electric car to the charging station? It’s a sign that you are officially done with the long waiting hours of a charging station. To most people, EV charging stations kill the purpose of owning an electric vehicle. Do you also think your fuel-operated car was better than the long wait […]

What can a professional smoke machine for cars do?

mrcartool t105 smoke machine for cars

The check engine warning light on the dashboard comes on while you are driving. At about the same time, you smell gas right inside the cabin of your car. It may be a really faint smell, but you smell it nonetheless. Immediately you’re concerned. Is there something wrong with your car? A quick search on […]

Why people should buy an EV home charging station

mrcartool s310 ev home charging station

When you thought that electric cars were the epitome of technological perfection, EV home charger came in. An Electric Vehicle (EV) home charging station allows you to charge your electric car from the comfort of your home. If you already own an electric car, the public charging stations must have emptied your pocket by now. […]

If you are a pure electric car owner, you need it

mrcartool s310 ev charging station

People are talking about electric vehicles. It is advertised as the trend of the future-a more efficient, lower cost and cleaner driving method. Now more and more people are buying electric cars. After buying an electric car, there is a very important problem– charging. It will be troublesome to charge outside for a long time,Generally, […]

How to choose a right home ev charging station?

Pure EV owners are prone to have mileage anxiety, public fast charging piles are efficient, but their charging costs are also high and costly in terms of time spent by the owner. Electric vehicle charging stations generally provide two charging methods: regular charging and fast charging. People can use specific charging cards to swipe the […]

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