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Do you skip taking your electric car to the charging station? It’s a sign that you are officially done with the long waiting hours of a charging station. To most people, EV charging stations kill the purpose of owning an electric vehicle.

Do you also think your fuel-operated car was better than the long wait queues at the electric charging station? Of course, if you still have to wait for your turn in long lines, then you were better off with your fuel-operated car.

What if the electric charging station could come to you instead of you going to it every time. Yes, it is possible, and yes, you can get rid of the long waiting hours at EV charging stations. The solution is simple and lies within the problem.

If you can not wait at a charging station, bring it home and use it at your convenience. No queues, no long waiting hours, and you can charge your electric vehicle whenever you wish. In the meantime, when it’s charging, you can do some pending tasks from the comfort of your home.

The EV home charger is the recent favorite of all the convenience-providing technological advances. Especially for electric vehicle owners, an EV charging station is a sigh of relief.

ev charging station

Other benefits of EV home charger

Regarding pros, the EV home charging station is far beyond the benefits mentioned above. Some of them include:

A cheaper alternative you buy a quality home charging station, then you can charge your electric vehicle anywhere.

An EV home charger is a long-term investment. All you have to spend on is its installation after you buy the charging station. As you don’t have to drive to a charging station, this saves you some energy and makes the charging a cost-efficient option.

Faster charging

Suppose you opt for a premium quality EV charging station. In that case, your electric vehicle will be fully charged between 45 minutes to 7 hours, depending on the car—that is relatively less than what it takes at a charging station.Suppose you opt for a premium quality EV charging station. In that case, your electric vehicle will be fully charged between 45 minutes to 7 hours, depending on the car—that is relatively less than what it takes at a charging station.

Longer battery life

A EV home charging station is just like your regular home appliances. Take the example of your laptop. Its battery life degrades if you charge it for intervals and never allow complete charging. Likewise, interval charging at EV charging stations threatens the life of your electric vehicle’s battery.

On the other hand, a home charger improves your battery life. As you fully allow your electric vehicle to charge in the case of a home charging station, you don’t have to worry about depleting battery life.

Improved compatibility

Home EV charging stations are compatible with almost all the models of electric vehicles. If you upgrade your electric car, you don’t have to change it.

Safe option

It is entirely safe to have an EV charging station at home. They pose no potential threats if you get them installed professionally.

Best EV home charger

After looking at the benefits of a home charging station for your electric car, you must consider buying it. If yes, then hold on. Your research is incomplete as not all home EV charging stations offer the abovementioned benefits.

And if you think buying a high-end option will let you enjoy all the benefits, please remember; that you will miss on the cost-efficiency. All the high-end home EV charging stations are pretty expensive.

Buying an expensive charging station also kills its purpose as it does not save you those extra bucks. But what if I tell you that you can buy the potentially best option in as minimum cost as you could think?

The truth is that you can buy a competent and well-equipped home EV charging station for as less as $345.99. By now, you must have searched the market for a home EV charging station. But I bet you must not have found an option as economical as the MrCarTool S310 EV home charging station. 

s310 ev home charger

Why MrCarTool S310 EV home charger is the best?

MrCarTool S310 has the following features, which make it the best option in the market

  • LED indicator
  • Swipe charging
  • 28 ft. charging cable
  • Light-weighted
  • Flexible working temperature
  • IP65 water protection
  • MTBF: 8760 hours

Installing MrCarTool S310 EV home charger

For installing the MrCarTool S310, it is recommended that you seek professional help. MrCarTool offers two installation methods for S310. Both column installation and wall-mount procedure go with it.

You have to choose the best method that suits you, depending on the wiring in your house and your requirement. In this regard, a professional service provider can be of great help. There are other advantages of spending on premium quality installation services.

Is a home EV charger worth it?

You must be thinking that there are rapid charging options available at charging stations. So why should I spend on a home EV charging station? The answer to this lies in the cost-efficiency of it.

Indeed, there are rapid charging options at the station, not forgetting the sum of money you pay there. And when you have to pay this additional cost every other day, it piles up to a high price. That’s where a home charger proves its worth.

Bottom line

Every new technology, including electric vehicles, provides the consumer with ease. What is the point of owning an electric vehicle when you must step out of your comfort zone, drive your car to a charging station and then wait for it to get charged?

An EV home charger is a solution to all the convenience issues electric vehicle owners face. Due to their comfort, their popularity is rising among electric vehicle consumers. Without a home charging station, an electric vehicle is incomplete as its purpose dies.

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