You better check your car in advance with a automotive smoke machine

smoke machine

According to the US state fault code data, 90% of the top 10 fault codes may be due to pressure leaks that, and all U.S. OEMs have recommended or mandated the use of smoke leak detectors. Therefore, the use of smoke leak detectors in advance to troubleshoot can greatly improve the efficiency of maintenance.

what is a automotive smoke machine

Automotive Smoke machine is mainly composed of smoke generation host, smoke generation liquid, smoke duct, auto inlet adapter and plugging kit and other components. Smoke generation host through the smoke conduit and inlet adapter will be a certain amount of smoke filled into the system under test, through the observation of smoke out of the location to determine whether the system has a leak location.

Automotive smoke leak detector can be used for almost any vehicle low pressure system with suspected leaks, such as: intake and exhaust systems, other vacuum systems, fuel evaporative emission control systems (EVAP), fuel supply systems, electric vehicle power battery air tightness, as well as find the leak location of the door / window, sunroof seals. In addition, it can also be used for functional inspection and component testing of solenoid valves.

The role of automotive smoke machine

Testing the tightness of gas lines

When the engine is out of calibration of mixture concentration (too thick or too thin), insufficient boost pressure and other faults, use the car smoke leak detector to fill the smoke into the engine intake system to quickly determine whether the fault is related to the intake system leaks, such as loose pipe connection clamps, cracks in the pipeline, gasket leaks, intercooler leaks and leaks in parts of the installation.

Detect the sealing of the internal mechanical parts of the cylinder

The tested cylinder piston to the compression stop position (at this time, the exhaust valve should be in the closed position), and then use the car smoke leak detector from the spark plug installation hole filled with smoke, if smoke from the exhaust pipe, the exhaust door is not closed; if smoke from the intake pipe out (can be observed from the throttle), the intake valve is not closed; if smoke from the adjacent cylinder spark plug installation hole out, then indicates cylinder gasket interchange.

Test the sealing of EVAP system

To prevent fuel vapor from leaking into the atmosphere, vehicles that meet the National VI emission standards have an EVAP system leak diagnostic function. When the engine control unit detects a possible leak in the EVAP system, the engine computer board will store the relevant fault code, at which time you can use the vehicle smoke leak detector to find the specific location of the EVAP system leak.

Choosing the Right Automotive Smoke Leak Detector

The more well-known brands of auto smoke machine are snapon, bosch, autool, mrcartool, etc. Mrcartool T105 is a good choice, product quality and service are guaranteed.

It is an universal and professional automobile pipe leakage smoke tester. It allows you to determine the leak points more quickly within a few minutes.

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