MR CARTOOL T110 Auto Smoke Machine EVAP System pipe Leakage Oil Pipe Smoke Generator Diagnosis


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MR CARTOOL T110 Smoke Machine for Cars is a specialty tool used with vehicle diagnostic devices to check the tightness of the vehicle pipeline system and find leaks, helping the auto repair technician to quickly and accurately determine whether the fault is caused by the pipeline leaks.

mrcartool T110 Auto Smoke Machine T110 Auto Smoke Machine details

How to do leakage test ?

1. Fill 20ml baby oil to the detector for the first time. Open the engine cover, and hang the detector in the cover.

2. Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected with detector.

3. Connect detector with DC12V battery, turn on the power switch, and the detector starts to work.

4. In about 30 seconds, the pipe will be filled with smoke. Check the leak points. Please use head lamp if necessary.

operation steps T110 Auto Smoke Machine show

The Main Function of T110 Smoke Machine for Cars:

Tightness Test : It can test the tightness and leakage of the tested pipeline under system pressure.
Intake System Test: It can test the air tightness and damage degree of the pipes in the intake system.
Exhaust System Test: It can test the air tightness and damage degree of the pipes in the exhaust system.
EVAP System Test: It can test the leakage of fuel evaporation in the EVAP system.

pipeline system testing

MR CARTOOL T110 Smoke Machine for Cars Features :

1.[Wide range of applications] For detecting the leakage of pipe systems on cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, ATVs, light trucks and speedboats boats.Works on all car makes and models.

2.[Powerful and easy to operate] The MR CARTOOL T110 has its own air pump, it does not rely on other air machine ,Connect the detector with DC12V battery,It can be outputs lots of Smoke within 30 seconds after turning on.

3.[Advanced technology] It works on the EVAP system (we also have another version that specially designed for EVAP system).

4.[Overheat & Anti-frost protection] The detector has smart protector. If it exceeds working limit,for e.g over 80℃. It will power off automatically.

5.[2 years warranty] For damage caused by non-human factors, we promise to resend parts for free within 2 years.

smoke flow can be adjustedworking pressure displaydual module designwide range of applicationssafety design

Main Unit Structure of T110 Smoke Machine for Cars:

Hook: To hang the detector when detecting.

Working Indicator: It is lit when the detector works

Power Switch: Power it on, and the detector works

Smoke Output Tube: The smoke outlet which connecting with detection port

Power Clamp: To connect with vehicle battery. The voltage is DC12V.

Product parameter:

Output pressure:14~16Psi
Output flow:6L/Min
Power supply: 12V
Air source: built-in
Test oil capacity: 15ML
Dimensions of the Main Unit : 160x280x190mm
Package Size: 270x270x260mm (T110)
Package weight: 5KG

 T110 Auto Smoke Machine details T110 Auto Smoke Machine details T110 Auto Smoke Machine front T110 Auto Smoke Machine back

Function Comparison with other models:

function comparison


1.When you use this MR CARTOOL T110 Smoke Machine for cars for the first time, fill with 20ml oil . Please be careful NOT to beyond this range.

2.The testing liquid : both liquid paraffin and baby oil are OK.

3.Fresh oil can be filled with only when the smoke gets thin, and it can’t be filled over 20ml each time.

4.Before filling fresh oil, please pour out the left oil in the detector & replace the detector oil regularly.

5.During the process of leak detection, please keep away from smoke-sensitive parts.

6.Do NOT run the detector over 8 minutes continuously. It needs interval rest.

7.The detector has an intelligent protector, if it exceeds the working limit, such as over 80 ℃, it will automatically turn off the power. In this case, please operate it later.

8.The round part of this detector has temperature, please be careful to avoid burns.

9.If the test pipe needs to be disconnected in the middle, please secure the other side with a rubber stopple.

Packing List :

1pc* MRCARTOOL T110 smoke machine for cars main unit

1pc* Power cord clamp

1pc* Smoke hose

1pc set* Soft rubber hose plug

1pc set* Hard rubber hose plug

1pc* Test oil bottle

1pc* Hook

1pc*Rubber connector part

1pc* EVAP specilal connector & Valve core wrench

1pc* Standard cone adapter

1pc* Universal airbag adapter

1pc* User manual

packing list of T110 Auto Smoke Machine


1. More directly, accurate and faster than traditional leak detection methods such as soap bubbles and throttle cleaners.
2. Adopting smoke generator technology facilitate smoke stability and large amount output.
3. Built-in air pump, ready for testing and maintenance.
4. Compact, lightweight design allows for any placement of machine for work.
5. Test oil is non-toxic and non-corrosive.
6. The air pump can be regulated separately.
7. The smoke generator can be regulated separately.

overseas warehousewarranty and serviceshopping guide
重量 4.3 公斤

Russian Federation, SPAIN, United States, France, GERMANY, CN, Poland


Brand Name: MR CARTOOL

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model: T110

Function: EVAP Leakage detect

Usage: Car Oil Pipe Diagnostic Tool

Vehicle Type: Motorcycle, Passenger Vehicle

Smoke output value: 6L/Min

Output pressure: 14~16Psi

Power supply: 12V

Air source: Built-in

Test oil capacity: 15ML

Warranty: 2 Years

Dimensions of the Main Unit: 230x140x248mm

Package weight: 5KG

Package Size: 270x270x260mm


Type: Smoke Machine

Feature 1: Car Smoke Leak Detector

Feature 2: Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Feature 3: Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Oil: Baby oil or olive oil



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Louisa Harvey

Delivery to Volgograd 6 days. The product corresponds to the description, everything is whole and not crumpled, the kit is complete. Recommend. As I try, I will add.

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