how to use mrcartool t130 smoke machine to detect smoke leaks in cars

car smoke leak test

Leaks can get vehicle owners into trouble, but not all leaks are fluid leaks. There are also gas or air leaks. If there is a leak, your car won’t catch fire, but it’s not a problem you should ignore. One sign of this type of leak is decreased engine performance, poor acceleration of the car and reduced engine power. To prevent further damage, it is important to have your engine tested for smoke leaks.

Smoke leak test

The Smoke Leak Test is a series of tests that will provide information about possible leaks under the hood of a vehicle in a vacuum system. The vacuum system will be tested using the smoke leak test. This test will determine if there is a leak in any of the piping in the engine vacuum system. The vacuum system controls the airflow to and from the car’s engine. A leak can cause the car’s computer to emit more fuel when it does not need more fuel. It can affect the air-fuel ratio of the car and can be harmful to that system.

Smoke leak tests use artificial smoke injected and measured by specially designed smoke machines. For the average person, these devices are costly. It is a significant investment, otherwise the best place to find a smoke machine is in your mechanic’s garage. Inject smoke into the system with less pressure. If there is significant smoke escaping, then there is likely a leak in your vacuum system. Gray smoke is usually used, but another color can be used to make the leak more visible. Mechanics usually choose the color.

It is important to have your vehicle tested for smoke leaks to ensure safe driving with no dangerous gas leaks. A smoke machine is an invaluable tool for mechanics because it helps identify problems and helps prevent any other serious damage that may occur due to negligence. The Check Engine light usually comes on when the car starts and stays on, which indicates a problem. It’s also easy to tell when you’re experiencing a problem while accelerating in your car. Depending on the severity of the leak, you may hear a hissing sound as an indication that there is a problem. If you are not sure if your car is leaking, check it immediately to prevent future damage.

Smoke machine options for more people – T130 smoke machine

T130 Automotive Smoke smoke machine is a professional leak detector under the MrCartool brand that can perform comprehensive leak detection on automotive pipes. Even if you are not a professional mechanic you can easily use it, and it works perfectly. It is the best tool for locating and repairing car air intake, exhaust and emission leaks and other pipes. Make your car healthier and safer. The price is better compared to most machines on the market. Also, it can use baby oil for testing, which helps us save more.

mrcartool t130 smoke machine

Main functions of T130

Tightness Test: It can test the tightness and leakage of the tested pipeline under system pressure.
Intake System Test: it can test the air tightness and damage degree of the pipes in the intake system.
Exhaust System Test: it can test the air tightness and damage degree of the pipes in the exhaust system.
EVAP System Test: it can test the leakage of fuel evaporation in the EVAP system.

How to do leakage test with T130 automotive smoke machine

1.Unscrew the oil filler cap and fill it with10ml baby oil into the detector for the first time.

2.Connect the car battery, then turn on the air pump and smoke generator.

3.Connect the smoke hose to the pipeline to be tested through the adapter.

4.In about 10 seconds, the leaks can be found according to where the smoke appears.

For more details on the use of the t130, you can watch the video below:

In terms of both practicality and economy, the T130 is a very worthwhile investment. A great tool for the most smoke leakage tests.

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