MRCARTOOL M90 GPS OBD automotive off-road Slope Meter Car HUD Multifunction Head-up Display

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MRCARTOOL M90 Slope Meter Introduction:

Gasoline and diesel vehicles that comply with the standard OBD-II protocol. M90 OBD automotive off-road slope meter is a compact and powerful gauge. It is especially suitable for off-road vehicles that are not equipped with a slope meter.

Additionally, this gauge is appropriate for cars without a speedometer, engine temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, turbo air intake pressure gauge, and fuel consumption display as well. The M90 off-road gauge is also able to display and monitor the vehicle battery voltage, generator charging voltage, vehicle over speed alarm, high engine temperature and others. In addition, it is possible to read real-time vehicle data streams, scan for engine fault codes and provide and clear of fault codes.

M90 is a multifunctional instrument that works with dual modules.

MRCARTOOL M90 Automotive OBD2 GPS Off Road Slope Meter

Special Note:

This device based on OBD2 protocols
Supports OBD-II /EOBD protocols and J1850(J1850 PWM, J1850 VPM).
Can not support JOBD and SAE J1850 protocols.I suggest you ask us before you make order, espacially your car is Ford , Renault , Ssangyong, LADA.
Since the obd2 protocols adopted at different time in different cars and countries, so please note that we suggest working on these cars :
In America: 12V cars which made after 2000.01.01
In European : 12V petrol cars which made after 2005.01.01.
In European : 12V diesel cars which made after 2004.01.01.
In Asia: 12V cars which made after 2009.01.01.
In Australia: 12V petrol cars which made after 2008.01.01.
In Middle East :12V petrol cars which made after 2009.01.01.
If you want to use OBD mode, For more information about these suitable car models, please contact us before placing the order. Or please tell us your car model & year then we will check for you.

For vehicles that do not support OBD protocol, there is an option to use GPS mode, which displays vehicle speed, direction, altitude, off-road slope meter and other data.

OBD2 Car HUD Slope Meter SpeedometerGPS Off road Car Gradient Meter

Product Parameter:

Power supply: DC10V~30V;
Operating temperature:-40°C~+80°C;
Pitch angle:-40°~+40°;
Roll angle:-40°~+40°;
Voltage measurement range: DC10V~30V;
Voltage measurement accuracy: 0.5V;
Speed accuracy:<0.36Km/h;
GPS data refresh rate:1s;
GPS hot start:1s(AVG);
Wireless transmission frequency:2.4GHz;
GPS cold start:32s(AVG);
Product Size:127*25*60MM

GPS HUDGPS Auto Digital Multifunction Inclinometer

MRCARTOOL M90 Slope Meter Functions and Features:


Locate the vehicle via multiple satellites to obtain vehicle coordinates, altitude, speed,direction and other data
Access to vehicle speed, RPM,coolant temperature, voltage,turbo pressure and other data by vehicle OBD interface

Slope Meter for Off Road SUV Vehicles


Real-time monitoring of driving data enables data to be seen at a glance.
No need to keep your head down while in motion for driving safety.
M90 can dispaly : Coolant T emperature、Driving Speed Engine RPM 、Current Driving Distance、Driving Time、Battery Voltage、Total Driving Distance

Off Road Slope Meter


The built-in level slope meter accurately displays the current roll angle and pitch angle of the vehicle. When it exceeds 30 degrees, an alarm will be issued to ensure driving safety.

HUD Head Up Display


With GPS satellite positioning, vehicle location data can be obtained lively, thus ensuring you will not get lost during the journey.
Such as: Number of satellites、Direction、Driving speed、Altitude、Coordinate、Signal of satellites

Car HUD Slope Meter Speedometer


Built-in light sensing system, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the light intensity of the current environment, delivering a comfortable visual experience

Multifunction HUD


Perfectly compatible for vans, trucks, buses,cars, off-road vehicles, SUVs, and other vehicles.

Auto Digital Multifunction Inclinometer


1.Start the engine and wait 30s for the vehicle self-test to complete.
2.Connect the M90 main unit to the car, wait for the communication connection between M90 and the vehicle.
3.After successful connection, the main unit will issue a beep.
4.The display will show the vehicle protocol, follow the prompts to set the parameters.

Head-up Display Feature Comparison:


Packaging List:

1 x M90 Digital Inclinometer
1 x COM Cable
2 x Double Sided Adhesive
1 x User Manual

HUD Slope Meter

Weight 0.18 kg


  • Output Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Size Name: 127*25*60MM
  • Wire or Wireless: Wireless
  • Brand Name: MR CARTOOL
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Power supply: DC10V~30V
  • Operating temperature: -40℃+80℃
  • Pitch angle: -40~+40°
  • Roll angle: -40~+40°
  • Voltage measurement range: DC10V~30V
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: 0.5V
  • GPS data refresh rate: 1s
  • Speed accuracy: <0.36Km/h
  • GPS cold start: 32s(AVG)
  • Weight: 230g
  • Wireless transmission frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Application: Supports 99% of the car models in the market
  • Function: Measure the vehicle's pitch angle, roll angle, driving speed,
  • Features 1: Safety alarm prompts
  • Features 2: Driving mode selection
  • Features 3: GPS Speed PMH KMH Slope Meter
  • Features 4: Smart Inclinometer Digital Dispaly
  • Model Number: M90
  • Note: Same manufacturer with X95



Customer Reviews

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Jacey Rice

Works as advertised at a great price. GPS Coordinates very helpful off road. Nice compact unitl

Alexane Lockman

Some issues with it turning on, otherwise works well and nice addition to my TJ

Gust Goyette

My husband is very happy it was a day to install, and works great.

Deven Steuber

This is a great car product. It gives very useful information that I used all the time. Recently, I moved it on my bike and i use it even more. I like controls and things like that so this is perfect for me.

Isaias Feest

Good quality

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