MRCARTOOL M80 Car GPS Head-up Display Slope Meter Automotive Digital Speedometer OBD2 HUD

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MRCARTOOL M80 Introduction:

MRCARTOOL M80 is a GPS+OBD intelligent multifunction vehicle head-up display, which can read the real-time data output of ECU through the data line connection to the automobile OBD interface, and supports nine OBD protocols. The satellite signal data can also be obtained through the GPS/Beidou satellite dual-channel module, and the double signal is more stable. The use of high-definition display screen, the effect is dazzling and clear, so that the vision at a glance, not only can drive without bowing, pay attention to the dynamics of the vehicle at any time, greatly improve the safety of driving, but also favored by a large number of new and old drivers. This product extends the concept of the combination of HUD vehicle head-up display function and on-board slope meter,which greatly improves the safety protection level of the product to users and escorts the car owners.

MRCARTOOL M80 Car GPS Head up Display

MRCARTOOL M80 Specifications:

Driving speed: Synchronize car data.
Power supply: DC10V ~ 30V.
Working temperature:- 40℃ ~ +80℃.
Pitch angle & Roll angle: -40° ~ +40°.
Clock error: <1minute. Wireless transmission.
Frequency: 2.4GHz.
Support protocols: Support 9 protocols
Product size: 170*70*60mm.
RPM: Synchronizing car data.
Voltage measurement range: DC 5V ~ 30V.
Voltage measurement accuracy: ±0.5V.
Speed accuracy: ±0.05Km/h.
GPS cold start time: 32s (average).
GPS hot start time: 1s (average).
GPS data refresh rate: 1s.
Shell material: ABS+PC.
Weight: 210g

Head up Display for Vehicle Truck

MRCARTOOL M80 Main Function:

*Driving speed display.
*Coolant temperature display.
*Vehicle roll angle display.
*Vehicle pitch angle display.
*Altitude display.
*Latitude and longitude measurement.
*Battery voltage display.
*The number of positioning satellites.
*RPM display.
*Satellite time display.
*Roll angle alarm.
*Pitch angle alarm.
*Fatigue driving alarm.
*Compass display.
*Driving time display.
*Driving mileage display

Obd2 Hud

MRCARTOOL M80 Main Features:

*It is suitable for domestic cars, Asian cars, American cars and continent cars.
*Equipped with high-precision dualchannel satellite GPS signal module.
*Automatically monitor the driving condition of the vehicle.
*Dual functions of OBD/GPS are supported.
*The photosensitive intensity of the light source sensor is used to adjust the brightness of the screen.
*The use of free rotation, its high degree of sensitivity.
*The use of color high-definition LCD screen display, high resolution.
*The fuselage is designed with carbon fiber appearance.
*Working environment and technical indicators start with the car, parking automatic dormancy function

Slope Meter HUDCar Digital Gps Speedometer MRCARTOOL M80 Automotive Inclinometer

MRCARTOOL M80 Interface Description:


  1. Vehicle pitch angle
  2. OBD function activated
  3. RPM
  4. Driving time
  5. Coolant temperature
  6. Longitude and latitude
  7. Driving speed
  8. The number of satellite signals
  9. Compass
  10. Vehicle roll angle
  11.  Altitude
  12. Driving mileage
  13. GPS satellite time
  14. Battery voltage

Installation Steps:

1. Park the car on the horizontal road, paste the back glue at the bottom of the equipment and fix it anywhere inside the car for easy observation.
2. Connect the power supply, adjust the slope meter to the level, wait for the satellite GPS signal to be received, and then drive until the data show normal.

Packing List:

1pcs * M80 Smart Slope Meter Main unit
1pcs* Power Cable
1pcs* Manual

MRCARTOOL M80 Car Intelligent HUDCompass HUD Smart Inclinometer Head up Display GPS OBD Slope Meter Automotive Digital Speedometer

Weight 0.46 kg


  • Brand Name: MR CARTOOL
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • GPS type: Vehicle GPS Units & Equipment
  • Certification: CE
  • Product Name: GPS OBD intelligent head-up display
  • Product size: 170*70*60mm.
  • Voltage measurement range: DC 5V ~ 30V
  • Speed accuracy: ±0.05Km/h.
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz.
  • Support protocols: Support 9 protocols
  • Clock error: <1minute. Wireless transmission
  • Weight: 210g
  • Shell material: ABS+P
  • RPM: Synchronizing car data
  • GPS cold start time: 32s (average).
  • GPS hot start time: 1s (average)
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ±0.5V
  • Power supply: DC10V ~ 30V
  • Driving speed: Synchronize car data
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Suitable for: domestic cars, Asian cars, American cars and continent cars.
  • Features: Dual functions of OBD/GPS are supported



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Arrived very quickly and in good condition it served just for what I needed very good product I recommend it

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Very fast delivery! 20 days before Temirtau. Good on-board computer. I recommend it.

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Like it very much

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