MRCARTOOL M85 Multi-function HUD GPS Inclinometer Slope Meter for Off-Road SUV Vehicles

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Product Description:

M85 off-road vehicle gradient meter is a compact and powerful car instrument product. The instrument has functions such as vehicle speed, time, altitude, mileage, etc. It is especially suitable for off-road vehicles without gradient meters.

MRCARTOOL M85 GPS Off road Car Gradient Meter

Product Parameters:

Working voltage: 5V-35V DC

Working current: <80mA

Sleep current: <10mA

Working temperature: -20~75℃

Product volume: 115mm×75mm×50mm

Slope MeterMulti function HUD Display For Car

Main functions of the product:

1. Altitude display

2. Satellite time display

3. Travel speed display

4. Battery voltage and current display

5. Driving time

6. Compass display

7. Current distance travelled

8. Total distance travelled

9. Driving direction

10. Roll angle display

11. Pitch angle display

12. Latitude and longitude measurement

13. Automatic brightness adjustment

14. Number of positioning satellites

15. Fatigue warning

16. Fatigue warning

4 Kinds of Working Interfaces:

GPS Off road Car Gradient Meter

Product Features:

Car LCD Speedometer DisplayM85 Car HUDAutomotive Digital Inclinometer MRCARTOOL M85 Slope Meter for Off Road SUV Vehicles

Product installation:

1. Insert the car charger cable into the vehicle, and then plug the miniUSB head socket into the rear socket of the host.

2. The provided modification cable can be connected to the vehicle ACC power supply terminal, and the unit will automatically switch on and off after the vehicle starts and turns off.

3. Paste the double-sided tape on the base of the main unit, and find a suitable position to stick it on the instrument panel.

Packaging List:

  • M85 main unit * 1
  • Car charging cable * 1
  • Retrofifit line * 1
  • Instruction manual * 1
  • Double-sided tape * 2

HUD Display For Car Slope Meter for Off Road SUV Vehicles HUD Speedometer


Weight 0.24 kg


  • Size Name: 115mmx75mmx50mm
  • Brand Name: MR CARTOOL
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Working temperature: -20 C ~ 75 C
  • Working current: <80mA
  • Sleep current: <10mA
  • Working voltage: 5V-35V DC
  • Product volume: 115mmx75mmx50mm



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Merle Stiedemann

It's nicely packaged and has a little manual, but you do have to figure out some of it yourself from the hints in the manual.

Hayden Welch

exactly as I want

Deanna Senger

I didn't need all the features, but wanted the Compass and Altimeter mainly, and they work great!

Wilton Buckridge

I am satisfied and The item a function that fuel consumption not working my vehicle ( 2018 Ford Transit Custom , Euro6 ).

Maci Lehner

It looks nice

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