MRCARTOOL B200 Auto Battery Tester Multi-language For 12V/24V Car Battery System


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MRCARTOOL B200 auto battery tester

B200 Auto Battery Tester introduction:

MR CARTOOL B200 Auto Battery Tester with the most advanced conductivity testing technology in the world, it can easily, quickly and accurately measure the actual cold starting current capability of the car starting battery, the health of the battery, as well as quickly detect common faults in the car starting system and charging system, which is beneficial for the maintenance personnel to quickly and accurately determine the fault location of the car and facilitate the quick repair of the car.

Product Specification:

* Working temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
* Special test clip: double conductor Kelvin clip
* Housing material: acid-resistant ABS plastic
* Measuring battery range: 4AH-300AH
* Measuring voltage range: 7V-30V
*Product Weight: 439g

B200 auto battery tester details

Battary Test Standard:

CCA: Cold Cranking Amps 30-1700
JIS: Japan Industrial Standard 26A17-245H52
GB: China National Standard 4-220Ah
BCI: Battery Council International 30-1700
CA: Cranking Amps 30-1700
DIN: German Auto Industry Committee 30-1000
IEC: Interal Electrical 30-1000
EN: European Automobile Industry Association 30-1700
SAE: Society of Automotive engineers 30-1700

battery standard specification

B200 12V/24V Auto Battery Tester Features:

➤1. ACCURATE BATTERY TEST: Battery test result includes reading of real voltage, Rated CCA value, measured value, resistance value and SOC.

➤ STARTING SYSTEM TEST: MR CARTOOL B200 Auto Battery Tester allows to do the starting test, which can diagnose the maximum and minimum starting voltage and real voltage reading.

➤CHARGING TEST & WAVE TEST: The charging test helps to clearly know the status of load voltage, no-load voltage, diodes ripple voltage, and charge voltage; Wave testing can provide real-time monitoring to the battery.

➤MULTI-LANGUAGE OPTIONS: This battery tester can support multiple languages and customers can choose different language packs, which include: Chinese, Japanese, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, etc. Other languages can be customized according to user needs, please contact the battery tester manufacturer.

➤SUPPORT VARIOUS VEHICLE MODELS: MR CARTOOL B200 Car Battery Tester Supports all 12V/24V vehicles battery and system testing.

➤PLUG AND PLAY: Just connect the tester’s clips with battery then it will turn on and ready to test and analyze battery. It’s one of the most cost-effective Gift!

➤TWO TEST MODE: The B200 auto battery load tester with “Quick” and “Standard” two modes. If you Don’t Know the Type of Battery, you can choose the “Quick” mode. Fast and Convenient for users and technicians to operate and provides accurate test result

➤WORRY-FREE SERVICE: Fast and safe delivery; Within 24h professional after-sale team service, MR CARTOOL offers a 2-year warranty, and lifetime maintenance.

multi-language options


Developed to test 12V/24V 20 – 2000 CCA batteries, Cranking and Charging system. Supports the majority of battery standards, such as CCA, JIS, GB, BCI, CA, MCA, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE. Great for cars, RV, SUV, motorcycle, boats, light trucks

b200 auto battery tester support multiple models

MR CARTOOL B200 Car Battery Tester Functions:

➤Charging Test:

The Charging test helps to clearly know the status of load voltage, diodes ripple voltage,and charge voltage

charging test

➤Cranking Test:

Note: Please do not turn off the engine during the testing. All electrical appliances are turned off. If you turn on or off any electrical appliances in the car during the testing, this will affect the accuracy of the testing results.

cranking test

➤Maximum load testing

In the main menu, press the up and down keys to select the maximum load testing, press ENTER the tester to enter the testing.

maximum load testing

➤Accurate Battery Test:

Test result includes reading of real voltage, Rated CCA value, measured CCA value, resistance value SOH, and SOC.

b200 auto battery tester accurate test

Product Detail Shows:

b200 auto battery tester detailsb200 auto battery tester frontb200 auto battery tester show


When doing a battery test, please make sure the car is off .

Packing List :

1pc* MR CARTOOL B200 Auto Battery Tester main unit
1pc* User maunal
1pc* Package box

packing list of b200 auto battery tester

Safety Protection Measures and Precautions:

1.Please ensure that the diagnostic testing or services are performed in a safe environment.
2.Wear protective safety glasses that comply with ANSL standards.
Keep clothing, hair, hands, tools, test equipment, etc. away from all running or heating equipment.
3.Testing the vehicle in a well-ventilated work area: the exhaust gases are toxic.
4.When working around the ignition coil, be especially careful with the distributor cap, ignition wires, and spark plugs, which are components that generate dangerous high voltage when the engine is running.
5.Place fire extinguishers near gasoline/chemical/electrical devices in case
of fire.
6.Put the gearbox in park (automatic transmission) or neutral (manual transmission), and make sure to apply the handbrake.
7.Do not connect or disconnect any testing devices while the ignition is on or the engine is running.
8.When turning on the power switch of the tool, the battery current and voltage will be conducted directly to contact the ground or certain circuits may produce sparks, therefore, do not use it around flammable materials, such as gasoline or its vapors. Sparks from electrified tools can ignite these vapors, using the same caution as you would when using a welding machine.
9.Keep the equipment dry, clean and free of oil, water or grease. Please keep the equipment clean by using a clean cloth if necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us first!

overseas warehousewarranty and serviceshopping guide
重量 0.5 公斤

Russian Federation, SPAIN, United States, France, GERMANY, Poland, CN


Brand Name: MR CARTOOL

Origin: CN(Origin)

Certification: CE

Item type: Car Battery Tester Analyzer Scanner Tool

12 kinds languages of Version: Rissia,English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese

Key words 2: Test Analyzer Vehicle Battery

Item Weight: 439g

Suitable for: 12V/24V 20 – 2000 CCA batteries





Feature: Easy to use

Feature 2: More Functions Than AUTOOL BT360,KONNWEI,LAUNCH,ANCEL

Feature 3: Fast and safe delivery,2-year warranty, and lifetime maintenance.

Working temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

Special test clip: double conductor Kelvin clip

Measuring battery range: 4AH-300AH

Measuring voltage range: 7V-30V



Customer Reviews

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Raoul Boyle

Tester good, high quality. Have Russian language that simplifies the operation with the tester. The seller sent quickly and transportation company. Packed well.

Stephen Weimann

Thanks to the seller very kind The product is utilissimo and well made. Help me in my work of electromechanical

Anya Heathcote

Excellent Product Recommended very punctual store and excellent quality products

Emmalee Miller

Great tester! Thank you

Tyshawn Beatty

Delivery fast, checked AKB, everything is normal. excellent those devices

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