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T130 Smoke Machine


V310 Fuel Injector Tester


L302 Engine Refrigerant HVAC Meter


F118 Brake Fluid Exchange Machine



The MRCARTOOL automotive brake fluid exchangers utilize a novel pulsating technology for brake fluid replacement. This technology emits continuouspulse signals to apply pressure to the brake fluid pipelines, efectively cleaning the lines.

Brake Fluid Exchangers

Fuel Injector Clean & Tester

Battery Tester

Utilizing cuting-edge conductivty testing
technolgy, the MRCARTOOL Battery Tester
switly and precisely assesses cntical parameters
such as acual cold starcurrent, battery voltage,
state of charge ,and state of health percentage, provding comprehensve insightsinto batery performance and langewly.

Smoke Leak Detector

The Automotive Smoke Leak Detector is an entry level plumbing leak detection tool. It becomes one of the essential tools for your automotive repair and inspection. It can quickly and accurately locate leaks in all automotive piping systems, helping technicians and automotive users to quickly solve problems and shorten diagnostic time.

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