MRCARTOOL B250 Car Super Battery Tester
MRCARTOOL B250 Introduction:

MRCARTOOL B250 is an comprehensive and multi functions automotive diag- nostic tool, you can use it for fast replace vehicle battery with ECU Memory Data saved,OBD2 PIN OUT BREAKOUT Voltage Values, Electric Current Leakage detection and Pro- fessional Battery Condition Analyz- ing, B250 Power Tool makes vehicle maintenance and service to be fast, easy and convenience.

MRCARTOOL B250 Parameters:

Device Working Voltage:DC 8~30V Leakage Current Detection Range:15mA ~ 5A Battery CCA Standards Range:20~2000 CCA Circuit Breaker Limitation:5A

OBDII Voltage Test MRCARTOOL B250 Functions:

1. MULTIPLE BATTERY TESTS Battery test, start test, charge test.Understand the battery in all aspects. 2.OBD VOLTAGE TEST The voltage value of OBD interface pin can be viewed. 3.ELECTRIC LEAKAGE DETECTION The battery can be checked for leakage by observing the current waveform.

Battery Voltage TestSuper Battery TesterBattery Replacement Tester MRCARTOOL B250 Advantages:

* Battery replacement with ECU Memory Saved. * Current leakage detection and Record data and waveform up to 30 minutes. * OBD2 PIN OUT Voltage display. * Professional Battery analyzing, start testing, charging testing.

Automotive Battery TesterCar Electric Current Leakage Detector Muti Language Battery Tester Product Details: Car Battery Analyzer ECU Power Supply MRCARTOOL B250 Car Battery Tester Product Packing List:

1x B250 Main Unit 1x USD Cable 1X User Manual 1x Package

Battery Diagnostics

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